Thermal Water
Thermal water used in swimming pools is extracted from 1714 m depth from forms of sandstorms dated on Cretaceous period. The temperature of the thermal water as measured on its surface amounts to +42,5°C.
Mszczonów thermal water is a hydrogen-carbon-calcium-sodium water.
Its overall mineralization is on the level of 472 mg/l.
It is unique drinking water in the whole of Mazovia which is pumped up from such a great depth.


             Principal mineral components:     



- calcium 61,5 mg/l        

- hydrogen carbonate 319,0 mg/l

- magnesium 12,2 mg/l     

- sulphate 5,4 mg/l

- sodium 26,4 mg/l      

- sulphate 10,7 mg/l

- potasium  12,9 mg/l       

- fluoride 0,3 mg/l

Its PH: 7,23

The thermal water used for bathing purposes is free from pollutants, and it is neither filtered nor enriched so that it could retain its natural qualities. It contains increased percentage of ferrous compounds, which makes its color a blend of brownish and greenish, and which causes its turbidity.

For practical reasons, no white or light bathing suites should be used.



Healing properties of geothermal water have long since been known. Geothermal water impacts our bodies in three ways: by its temperature, by its mineral content, and by the buoyancy of the water environment.

Buoyancy makes water exercises easier, and the warmth emitted by the water facilitates absorption of the minerals dissolved in it through the skin. The warmth of geothermal water causes hyperemia and normalizes tissues. It also improves blood circulation, and lessens muscle and/or joint pain. In general, it is advisable for everybody, irrespective of his or her age or health problems, to take a bath in a pool with geothermal water. However, such baths are, in particular, recommended in medical rehabilitation and in orthopedic physical therapy. They also help to mitigate rheumatic and neurological problems. They can also be recommended for children suffering from cerebral palsy leading to limited range of joint mobility and to contractures.

Thermal baths not only guarantee relaxation, but they also have a soothing effect on our nervous system, improve our emotional and mental well-being, and help us relax.

“Taking into consideration the high temperature of the water drawn from the water intake, it is most advisable to use it for bathing purposes in recreational swimming pools”, says the National Institute of Hygiene in its balnaeological evaluation.