Bicycle tourism

We present 8 bicycle routes set as part of the tourist product bearing the name Weekend with Thermal Pools in Mszczonów, and including within its scope the area of the county of Żyrardów, and also to a small degree the county of Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The routes were demarcated in such a way so as to make it possible for bicycle users to make themselves acquainted with interesting natural and cultural attractions. The length of the routes is adjusted to the capacities of an average weekend tourist, and it amounts to between 20 and 46 km. The majority of the routes start and finish in the Thermal Pools. It is as well in the Thermal Pools that the Tourist Information Desk*** is situated; the Desk is provided with various guidebooks  of the routes, and there is also a free-of-charge bicycle rental shop.

"Pisia Gągolina Route" 46 km

From springs in Dwórzyn and Bronisławów to the mouth of the Bzura river, the Pisia Gągolina river is 45 km long. This is a river that has been developed for a long time. People have constructed artificial dams and water bodies along it. The most important ones are, without limitation, ponds in Grzegorzewice and Radziejowice, Hamernia and the Żyrardów Lake. The total surface of water bodies is around 120 hectares. It is worth noting that to Radziejowice the Pisia river includes top quality clean water. Discover its spring with us!

Places worth visiting: Exhibition Room of the Mszczonów Land, Memorial Room of the Maklakiewicz Family, historical St. Onuphrius chapel, Gnojna Ponds Reserve, Park and Palace in Radziejowice, Dąbrowa Radziejowska Reserve, Żyrardów with the largest 19th century factory settlement in Europe, Museum of Western Mazovia.


"Tarczyński Route” 15,6 km

Silence… Swoosh of trees… Bird singing… Beautiful sunset…
You will find all of these near Mszczonów in Grzegorzewice. Visit fish breeding ponds located there. This is an extraordinary and ideal place for anglers, as well as horse ride lovers because of a stud located nearby. If you want to rest far from urban hubbub and close to the beautiful nature, this is a place for you. Sit down and listen to the silence!

Places worth visiting: Exhibition Room of the Mszczonów Land, Memorial Room of the Maklakiewicz Family, historical St. Onuphrius chapel, Gnojna Ponds Reserve, breeding ponds in Grzegorzewice, 19th century Palace of the Bar.


"To the Grądy Osuchowskie Reserve Route" 48,2 km

This time, we will take you to the roof... the Roof of Mazovia. Let’s go to Osuchów, whose location in Rawska Upland at the top point of the Mazowiecka lowland creates a special microclimate whose conditions are similar to those of lower parts of the Sudety Mountains. Visit the Grady Oscuhowskie Forest Reserve, which was established in 1982 to protect oak-hornbeam habitats and marshy relict forests. Go on a “mountain” trip with us!

Places worth visiting: Exhibition Room of the Mszczonów Land, Memorial Room of the Maklakiewicz Family, historical St. Onuphrius chapel, Gnojna Ponds Reserve, St. Anna Ponds, 18th century larch church in Luktówka, Park and Palace in Oscuchów, Grądy Osuchowskie Reserve.


"Along the Korabiewka River Route " 40 km

In the middle of Poland, among the remains of the extensive royal Mariańska Forest, there are charming places whose rich nature, tradition and history attract tourists. This is here that the last aurochs walked on the earth, Polish kings organised their hunt, the Poles fought for Poland in the January Upraising and during the First and Second World Wars. And this is the place which was visited by artists, scientists and politicians who looked for rest and inspiration in the times of peace. Go along the winding Korabiewka river. They played host to kings, they will also have you!

Places worth visiting: Exhibition Room of the Mszczonów Land, Memorial Room of the Maklakiewicz Family, church and monastery of the Marian Fathers, Mariańska Forest Reserve.

Route "in the Footsteps of Chełmoński" 25,5 km

Józef Chełmoński was the mystic in art, which was vividly felt by him with all and any instincts of his rich understanding and perceptiveness. He loved nature, he looked for it and captured it as it really was like, embracing the mysteries of its charm, like the heavenly dew, inhaled the divine scents of it with his entire breast, and his soul absorbed its shapes, colours, its silence or anxiety’. In those vivid words, Józef Chełmoński was reminisced about by his neighbor in Radziejów and a friend, Edward Krasiński, in his book: About Radziejowice and Some of the Guests in It. In the summer of the year 1888, after returning from Paris, Józef Chełmoński, an outstanding Polish painter, and the representative of Realism, purchased in Kuklówka in the neighbourhood of Radziejowice a modest mansion with a small piece of arable land, so as to spend there the final twenty-six years of his life. The connections between Józef Chełmoński and Radziejowice and its vicinity make us responsible for ensuring that his memory lives, and for cherishing his outstanding output. We invite you for a trip in the footsteps of this great artist.

Places worth visiting: Complex of Park and Palace in Radziejowice, a statue funded as a tribute to Józef Chełmoński in Kuklówka Zarzeczna, the (Mini) Museum of Frog in Żabia Wola, the grave of Chełmoński in Żelechów.


Route "Meadows of Żuków" 17,5 km

Żuków is one of the oldest villages in the commune of Mariańska Primeval Forest. In it, the ’Meadows of Żuków’ Nature 2000 Area, covering more than 173 hectares, is situated. It can be found on the eastern edge of Bolimowska Primeval Forest, and its typical features include the existence of numerous valleys of small rivers, flowing  in the direction of the Bzura River, and also old wet areas (nowadays,  meliorated and dried), on which black earths are found. These areas are fields, meadows and pastures (together with inter-field forest and shrub areas, and also water pools) between the villages: Studzieniec, Żuków and Nowa Huta. Those meadows are the most valuable and best preserved ones in Central Poland. On them, numerous protected species of plants typical for wet and fresh meadows can be found. Meadows of Żuków are also the place inhabited by (and used for breeding and as an area to fly over) of rare and endangered species of animals, including birds, such as: European honey buzzard, corn crake, red-backed shrike, common crane, white stork, and also visiting species: black stork or white-tailed eagle. Discover the exceptional beauty of nature with us!

Places worth visiting: the Memorial Chamber of the Land of Mszczonów, the Memorial Chamber of the Maklakiewicz family in Mszczonów, 19th century Saint John the Baptist’s Church, the Natura 2000 Area ’ Meadows of Żuków’, Mariańska Primeval Forest Reserve, and the Complex of Correction Facilities in Studzieniec.


Route "Reserves: Skulskie Oaks and Skulski Forest" 38,2 km

This time, we invite you for an exceptional trip, which will surprise you with the multitude of interesting places and attractions along the way. Raise from your armchair, and check yourself!

Places worth visiting: wooden Saint Apostles Peter and Paul’s Church (the monument of the second class), the (Mini) Museum of Frog in Żabia Wola, the grave of Chełmoński in Żelechów, the Ojrzanów enclosure, the Skulski Forest Reserve, the Skulskie Oaks Reserve, and the Breedings Ponds of EKOFARM.


Route "Silent Monuments to History" 25,9 km

Places worth visiting: the monument commemorating the soldiers of the Home Army, the grave of a Czecho-slovakian guerilla fighter, church in Radziejowice, and Complex of Park and Palace in Radziejowice.


If our routes turn up to be too short for you, you may extend each of excursions. Have a good trip!