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The website, like many other sites, uses cookies.

Cookies are IT data, in particular small text files, which are recorded and stored in hardware you use to visit the website. Only when cookies are enabled, you may use all functions of our website. Cookies are placed on the terminal hardware of website users and accessed by the website operator, i.e. Ośrodek sportu i Rekreacji (the Sports and Recreation Centre), ul. Warszawska 52, 96-320 Mszczonów.

Types of cookies

The website uses two types of cookies:

- session (temporary) cookies: they are stored in your hardware until the session of a given browser is closed. Then, information is permanently deleted from the hardware;

- persistent cookies: they are not deleted after the browser is closed and may be used by the website in future.

Functions and purpose of use

Cookies enable accurate website operation and use (the adjustment of website parameters to your hardware and accurate website display; the maintenance and verification of website user sessions after logging in) so that all services offered may be fully used (the verification of sources of links to the website subsites to ensure that partner programmes operate correctly) and in order to improve website use (remembering your hardware location and the development of anonymous viewer statistics in order to provide you with information and advertisements that are adjusted to your location and needs).

Disabling and limiting access to cookies

You may change cookies settings any time on your own by defining terms and conditions for their storage and access to your hardware. You may change settings in your Internet browser or via service configuration. Detailed information on cookies management is available in your software (Internet browser) settings.