Season ticket available
Type of ticket Season Ticket entitlement Season Ticket price
Monthly (30-day) Season Ticket 100 zł 80 zł
Monthly (30-day) Season Ticket 150 zł 120 zł
Quarterly (90-day) Season Ticket 200 zł 160 zł
Quarterly (90-day) Season Ticket 300 zł 240 zł
Yearly (365-day) Season Ticket 400 zł 320 zł
Extra comments on season tickets:
- one season ticket may be shared by up to 5 persons,
- deductions from the minutes entitlement shall be proportional to the time spent by the season ticket holder in the swimming pool or in the ice skating rink,
- should it occur – after adding up the total time spent by him/her on the facilities premises – that a part of the time was in excess of the season ticket entitlement, the additional payment must be made in cash,
- a person buying his/her first season ticket must pay 15 PLN,
- should a subscription agreement be renewed on a continuous basis, the minutes entitlement not used up in the previous settling period shall be added up to the renewed entitlement,
- upon the lapse of 30 days following the season ticket expiry date the minutes entitlement not used up by the season ticket holder shall be forfeited in favor of the Thermal Pools Complex.