The salt grotto

Is the state-of-the-art, original method of the application of salt for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Natural therapeutic salt includes micro-elements necessary for creating the unique micro-climate, in which elements as important for health, good affection of a man, and also for the correct functioning and protection of internal organs, as iodine, calcium, iron and magnesium, potassium, bromine and selenium, which exerts influence, in particular, upon the outside appearance and condition of the skin, and also copper, which is a strong anti-fungal agent. Visits to a salt grotto provide the organism with minerals necessary for the correct course of internal processes, and those which stimulate them, thanks to which they increase its immune capacities.

In order to emphasize the character of a salt grotto, and to create a specific ambience, the walls of the room are decorated with the lit crumbs of salt, and the floor is covered with the small crystals of salt. Constant temperature, relaxation music, and also ambient lighting, make it possible to achieve the state of total relaxation, to isolate and to forget about stress. Our grotto is equipped with the generator of generator of salt aerosol, thanks to which it is possible to recreate the atmosphere typical of underground salt chambers. The presence of dry salt aerosol ensures the anti-bacterial environment having therapeutic properties.

For our youngest customers, we have prepared a special corner in which they will find a table with chairs, and also toys.



In a matter of fact, there are no age-related restrictions relevant to the session in the salt cave, as inhaling such an aerosol is recommended both for young children (even at the age of just several months), as well as for older persons. Among others, this is the reason why family visits to the salt grotto enjoy popularity. Of course, all healthy individuals may without obstacles take advantage of such inhalations, and, certainly, if they attend our sessions regularly, they will notice improvement in their affection. As far as medical recommendations are concerned, staying in the salt grotto is advised in the case of such medical conditions as:

·         chronic inflammatory states of the upper respiratory tracts,

·         allergies,

·         hypothyroidism,

·         hypertension,

·         diseases of the digestive system,

·         dermatological medical conditions,

·         states of chronic fatigue,

·         chronic stress,

·         neuroses.

However, it ought to be remembered that salt inhalations do not constitute a medical therapy by themselves, and they may only, however, support the effectiveness of it, and preserve the results of treatment itself. The impact of aerosol inhalations will not cure anyone by itself, and may not be treated as a medical procedure.



Staying in the salt grotto is not recommended for persons suffering from hyperthyroidism. Salt caves ought not to be visited, either, by persons allergic to  iodine and other minerals contained in the aerosol. It is hereby counter-indicated to visit salt grotto if one suffers from:

·         a neoplasm disease,

·         tuberculosis

·         the inflammatory states caused by a viral infection,

·         high temperature,

·         diseases of the lungs,

·         disease of the kidneys,

·         open wounds (damage to the skin).



Terms and conditions of entering and using the salt grotto